Fast Facts

Party afilliation:

Highest office held:
Governor of Louisiana

Alma mater: Brown University, New College, Oxford (Masters in political science)

Notable quote:
“The Republican party does have a lot of work to do. But changing our principles is not a winning strategy. We need to modernize, not moderate.”

Bobby Jindal

By Hayley Harding

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following obituary is a satirical piece about the ends of 2016 presidential campaigns. Those who led the campaigns are still very much alive, although their hopes for winning the race to the White House in November have come to an unsuccessful conclusion.

The campaign of Bobby Jindal, known for its swings at Donald Trump and its spot in every undercard debate rather than on the main stage, died on Nov. 17, 2015. It was 146 days old.

Republican Bobby Jindal, the then-governor of Louisiana, led the campaign. If elected, Jindal would be the first Indian-American elected president. He picked a slogan of “Tanned. Rested. Ready,” a choice Jindal tweeted about in light of criticism from the “liberal media.” It faced a lot of backlash from both those who said he was abandoning his Indian heritage and those who said he was copying a 1988 Nixon shirt.

The campaign faced more trouble than just with its slogan. It never polled above a national average of 2 percent. In what some said was an attempt to boost his poll numbers, Jindal consistently attacked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, calling him a “narcissist” and “a carnival act” in September 2015. It did not help the campaign in the end, as Jindal was never even able to broach the main stage during Republican debates.

It is survived by its support for Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign.