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DeWine announces 10 p.m. curfew for businesses

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday the state would be implementing a string of new coronavirus restrictions, including a curfew for 21 days.

The curfew, which begins Thursday, requires retail establishments to close from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. DeWine said he hopes to see contact between Ohioans reduced by 20 to 25% during this trial period.

“We believe this is going to help —  this is going to reduce the contacts taking place,” DeWine said. “We don’t have to cut down these contacts as much as we did in the spring.” 

Exceptions apply for those travelling to work, performing an essential task, medical or mental health emergencies, as well as those traveling to grocery stores or getting carryout at a restaurant.

DeWine emphasized the need to “build a bridge” until recently announced coronavirus vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are widely available to the Ohio population, which he said was “a ways away.”

DeWine said Ohio, however, will not be moving toward shuttering businesses entirely like during the initial spring shutdowns.

“A shutdown is rather dramatic,” DeWine said. “We did it once, doing it the second time has double the ramifications.”

Ohio reported 7,067 new coronavirus cases, 368 new hospitalizations and 30 new deaths on Tuesday afternoon, as well as 3,648 currently hospitalized, DeWine said. To date, Ohio has recorded a grim 312,443 total cases and 5,772 total deaths associated with the virus.

“The bad news is that our situation in Ohio is deteriorating,” DeWine said. “And we’ve got to turn this thing around. We’ve got to get over this bad, bad spot.”

Cases in Ohio have reached record levels over the past two weeks, Ohio Department of Health data shows. On Monday, Ohio recorded 7,268 new daily coronavirus cases, down from a peak of 8,071 on Nov. 13.

Cases continue to increase for counties with the least spread. Every county is at least twice the high-incidence standard set by the CDC, DeWine said. Incidence rate is the amount of cases per 100,000 residents of a county.

At a press conference last week, DeWine offered an ultimatum to Ohioans: control the surge or further restrictions will be implemented. He also updated the statewide mask mandate originally implemented over the summer and announced a compliance task force to ensure face coverings are worn in retail settings.

Inspectors began work on Monday, DeWine said. He added he had received reports that compliance with mask orders have increased since announcing the task force last week.

“It’s the right thing to do with every county being hot,” DeWine said.

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