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Election 2020: Statewide Race Results

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Editor’s Note: While these races have been called by the Associated Press, the vote counts presented in this story will not reflect final results as ballots continue to be counted.

Republican Rep. Jay Edwards, an incumbent, won the race for state representative against Democratic Katie O’Neill, with 59.66% of voters voting for Edwards and 40.34% voting for O’Neill as of 10:37 p.m. Despite this loss, O’Neill won the majority of votes in Athens County.

Republican Sen. Frank Hoagland, an incumbent, defeated Democratic challenger Michael Fletcher in the race for state senator, with 66.55% of voters voting for Hoagland and 33.45% voting for Fletcher as of 10:59 p.m. However, Fletcher won the majority of votes in Athens County.

Jennifer Brunner beat out Judi French for Ohio Supreme Court, with 55.35% of votes in comparison to French’s 44.65% as of 11:33 p.m. Brunner also won in Athens County.

Incumbent Sharon Kennedy defeated John O’Donnell in the race for Ohio Supreme Court, with 54.93% of voter support for Kennedy and 45.07% for O’Donnell as of 11:33 p.m. In Athens County, however, Kennedy did not win the majority of votes. 

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