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Undergraduate students elect new Senate representatives

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Ohio University undergraduate students elected new Student Senate representatives and executives for the 2020-2021 school year Monday.

The student body elected Ian Carter as Student Senate president, Elizabeth Lilly as vice president and Becky “Eliza” Ivan as treasurer. All three candidates were on the Voices for Ohio ticket, which ran unopposed.

Carter and Lilly previously ran on the UNITY ticket, for treasurer and vice president respectively, but left to form Voices for Ohio after the ticket’s former presidential candidate, Carlo DeNiro, was accused of sexual assault in June. DeNiro later withdrew his candidacy. 

The Student Senate Judicial Panel disbanded another ticket — ACTION OU — in April after the Panel found the ticket guilty of exchanging appointments for votes. This left the UNITY ticket unopposed into the summer.

This year, 815 students voted in the election, compared to 793 in the 2019-2020 election. Over 600 of the votes went to Voices for Ohio candidates. Several write-in candidates received a handful of votes, with one candidate, Justin Fink, receiving 25 votes for president and vice president. 

The results of the election are pending until candidates pay any relevant fees for their positions.

Monday’s election also decided the winners for various other seats and positions. The results are listed below. 

At-Large Senators: Mikayla Rochelle, Noah Kiger, Grant Adams, Caleb Prante, Elizabeth Mancuso

SAC Representatives: Liz Behage, Richard Danylo, Adam Boesinger, Brogan Speraw, Robert L. Jones, Zach Reynolds, Chandler Jent, Elizabeth Mancuso, Willis Sears

Off Campus Senators: Noah Kiger, Derek Meola, Connor Branch, Eliana Tartel, Richard Danylo

Residential Senators: Casey Hall-Jones, Lily Nord, Zach Reynolds, Chandler Jent, Jaden Burns, Justin Fink

Graduate College Senator: Elizabeth Mancuso

Russ College of Engineering and Technology Senator: Derek Meola

Scripps College of Communication Senator: Elizabeth Lily

College of Arts and Sciences Senator: Elaina Tartel

College of Business Senator: Tyee Albert Patt

College of Health Sciences and Professions Senator: Elizabeth Lily

Honors Tutorial College Senator: Haley Janoski

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