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INFOGRAPHIC: A quick look at Parking Enforcement

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Parking enforcement saw a general decline in citations issued in 2018, according to the 2018 annual Athens Police Department report, but still issued over 10,000 tickets for expired meters citations.

Parking Enforcement issued 19,727 tickets being issued in 2018 — a drop of 2,713 from 2017 — when they issued 22,401 citations, according to the police report. These numbers are down compared to 2017 largely due to a vacancy in an enforcement position that remains unfilled since March 2018.

Parking Enforcement efforts in the City of Athens in 2018 resulted in approximately $923,503.72 of revenue generated for the Athens, compared to $970,280.04 generated in 2017, and 993,671.11  generated in 2016. This money is paid to the City’s General Fund.

The most common citation issued in Athens is for expired parking meters. Parking enforcement issued 13,874 citations for expired meters, which constitutes 70.5% of all fines issued.

The Parking Enforcement Division is normally staffed by four officers: three-meter enforcement officers and one 24-hour enforcement officer. One officer, who is listed by last name as Officer Mingus, issued the most of citations in 2018, citing 8,181 parking violations, which equals 41% of all tickets issued. Another officer, listed as Officer Lewis, issued 5,999 citations in 2018, or 30% of citations issued.

Parking enforcement declined to provide the first names of the officers by time of publishing.


Check back with The New Political for developments in the analysis of the 2018 annual APD report.


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