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OPINION: Democrats Discuss ー Hometown home runs and national glitz: a love letter to local politics

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Lucy Thompson is a freshman studying geography and environmental studies. She is a member of the Ohio University College Democrats. The following article reflects the opinion and views of the author and does not present the thoughts of the Ohio University College Democrats. 

This is a submitted column, and please note that these views and opinions do not reflect those of The New Political. 


Local elections have just wrapped up, and around the country candidates and supporters are celebrating — or licking wounds. 

I love local elections. It is a unique time when you can see what your community is made of. You get an opportunity to hear candidates talk about issues prominent in your community, see people coming together to support each other and witness the civic action that makes America so wonderful.

I also have a special fondness for these elections because the candidates are usually motivated by love and adoration for their community and not spite or personal gain.

This is not to say that all national elections are vapid, but sometimes the pageantry makes the national election cycle nearly unbearable. Maybe it is the blue light, but sometimes reading tweets and watching debates can make my eyeballs feel like a non-Newtonian fluid.

Now that our local elections are finished and political focus is turning solely to the looming presidential elections, I encourage you to continue to support your local politicians and lobby for issues that matter to you at a smaller scale. 

Regardless of the results of next November’s election, our national government can move very slowly. In contrast, political action at the local level can be more focused and timely. Furthermore, some issues are more effectively addressed by the officials that are more intimately involved with the reality of your community.

For me, this means staying registered to vote at home. I did not feel that I could take my vote away from my community due to some incredibly upsetting recent legislation about teachers and educational programs. This legislation is affecting my friends at home right now, and it is draining communities that were already under stress. I am sure there is some kind of issue like this in your hometown that could use your time and vote.

So, my hope for you is that as presidential elections continue to captivate the nation’s attention, you also take time to focus on the issues that are prevalent in your own communities. The work is not done now that local elections are over, and, chances are, the work will still be there after next November, too.

The president can change the lives of the American people in many ways, but sometimes teachers’ salaries, rent control or access to public transportation can make a bigger difference in the day-to-day life of your community. 

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