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Culinary Services representative denies rumors of worker exploitation

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Student Senate meeting Wednesday evening. Photo by Zach Richards.

Gwyn Scott spoke before Student Senate and said Culinary Services treats its employees well.

Student Senate met Wednesday to discuss allegations about workplace exploitation with a representative from Culinary Services.

Gwyn Scott, Associate Vice President for Auxiliaries, addressed Senate to fact-check allegations that Culinary Services is exploiting student employees.

“I think there are opportunities for us to fact-check any situation and bring up specific, I’ll say, situations about personnel issues or personnel files,” Scott said.

Scott dispelled a rumor that a Culinary Services employees received strikes because they missed work to attend ROTC meetings. Scott said that no such employee has come forward and that employees are allowed to miss work for ROTC if they tell management ahead of time.

Scott said that employment at Culinary Services provides a great opportunity for training.

“We have a really dedicated team that are here for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to provide amazing customer experience,” Scott said. “We do have a nationally recognized student leader program. I am most challenged by the fact that that has been criticized.”

Scott later said the university pays students who work in dish rooms less than non-student employees. She also said that students are not allowed to work as chefs in any of the kitchens.

Despite this, Scott said that Culinary Services treat their student employees well.

“We do look at what students think about working there,” Scott said. “They do evaluations about what they think.”

Student Senate also heard a presentation from Nicole Schneider and another representative from the Legislative Fellowship. The Legislative Fellowship is a 13-month opportunity for students to work at the state legislature after graduation.

Senate also passed resolutions to fund a Pride Day drag show, candy for an Ohio birthday bash table, office supplies, and a banner for International Women’s Day.

It also passed resolutions to appoint a new delegate to the Senate Appropriations Commission and to appoint a new chair of the Standing Committee on Members Emeriti and Senior Honors Status.


Editor’s Note: The author is a student employee under Culinary Services.

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