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Former president of Ohio University’s College Democrats announces campaign for City Council

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Ohio University graduate and 23-year-old Sam Miller has announced her plans to replace Kent Butler’s seat for the Athens City Council.

Recent Ohio University graduate Sam Miller is running to represent the First Ward, which is comprised of the western side of the city, on the Athens City Council.

Miller’s campaign logo features a modified version Rosie the Riveter, with Miller’s face superimposed on the image. She said she wants voters to know that she’s a young woman who is ready to win.

“I think that running as a young person is very interesting,” Miller said. “I’ll be the youngest person on council by at least twenty years, I would guess.”

Miller also said, if elected, she would be the only home renter on City Council.

“There are tons of people who rent from the city. Not even just students, but young people in general that stick around or those who truly can’t afford to buy a home, and their voices aren’t often heard on the council,” Miller said.

Miller also said that, as a recent graduate of Ohio U, she wants to help facilitate communications between the university and the city.

“My main way of reaching out to voters is just having conversations with them,” Miller said.

Miller wants to see renewed investment from the city into its First Ward, describing the west side as the area “where arts meets businesses.”

“Keeping it the funky town,” Miller said. “Keeping that west side spirit, but making sure that we have the vitalization that we need.”

Miller grew up in the town of Somerset in Perry County, Ohio, north of Athens County. She’s been a resident of Athens for the past five years.

“In my years at OU, I came to really love Appalachia,” Miller said.

Miller, a former president of the Ohio U College Democrats, emphasized her involvement with politics at Ohio U. She also said she’s knowledgeable about the city government because of a year-long internship at the mayor’s office. Miller also served as the vice president of the statewide chapter of the College Democrats of Ohio.

However, she has not always wanted to run for public office.

“When Hillary Clinton lost, it really became clear to me, like, if not me, then who?” Miller said. “If people like me don’t run for office, people like Donald Trump are going to get into office,” Miller said, explaining how she first decided to run for office.

Miller looks up to a lot of women who influenced her decision for a City Council bid, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and many women she’s met in Athens, such as former Ohio Rep. Debbie Phillips and Councilmember Sarah Grace.

“There’s no better place to run as a woman than in Athens,” Miller said.

Miller said she wants to hold higher office someday, but added that she isn’t sure which office that is.

“I think for now I just want to focus on building my life here in Athens.”

The next election for Athens City Council will be on Nov. 5.

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