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OPINION: Is Kamala Harris the right Democrat for president?

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Kamala Harris with Eric Holder. Photo by Lonnie Tague

Opinion writer Maddie Kramer analyzes whether Californian Sen. Kamala Harris is the best Democrat to fight for the presidency in 2020.

Another Democrat has announced a bid for the 2020 Presidential election, California Senator Kamala Harris. Harris has a lot of people excited, as she is the second black woman to be elected to the Senate and the daughter of a Jamaican father and an Indian mother. She is a somewhat familiar name and face to some Democrats and is already gaining a lot of attention.

Sen. Harris is not a stranger to the political arena, as she has served in other public capacities before being elected to the Senate.

Sen. Harris plans to use her prosecution and law background to her advantage, as she gives examples of how her previous work has helped those in need. These cases include advocating for homeowners affected by the housing crisis in 2008, students who fell victim to for-profit colleges, and women and children escaping sexual abuse.

Sen. Harris has been scrutinized for some of her policies and actions as attorney general. As attorney general, Harris opposed legislation that would require the office to independently investigate situations involving police brutality and fatal police shootings. Many Californians and Democrats feel that she should have been more progressive and outspoken involving the police brutality deaths in California.

Many critics of Sen. Harris feel that she was too soft on law enforcement and in some cases aligned herself with them as California’s attorney general. This has earned her nicknames such as “Cop Kamala.”

Harris defends herself by saying that as a prosecutor, it was her responsibility to defend the interests of all clients, even if their personal beliefs do not align with hers. She responds to the critics by saying she is a “progressive prosecutor,” but some still think she was too tough on crime in the past.

Sen. Harris’ tagline for her campaign is “For the People,” and she has joined a group of politicians that do not take corporate campaign donations. While working in the Senate she has focused on economic policy for minority and lower income families as well as proposing a bill related to bail reform. Her platform includes the “Medicare for All” healthcare plan and legalizing recreational marijuana.

Senator Kamala Harris is a promising candidate for Democrats seeking a change to the status quo. Her minority background and law experience has many excited. However, for some, she may have to do a lot of apologizing and activism to do away with some of her past experience as California’s attorney general.

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