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Student Senate opposes Athens County Board of Election move

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Student Senate opposes Athens County Board of Election move. Photo by Bo Kuhn.

Student Senate also voted to oppose two Ohio House Bills regarding SNAP benefits, and formally recognized the Fourth National Climate Assessment. 

In their final session of the semester, Student Senate voted to oppose the Athens County Board of Elections’ move to a new location on Campbell Street.

The Athens County Board of Elections recently held an open forum, in which they discussed interest in moving the Board of Elections to increase space and storage.

The sponsor of the bill, Governmental Affairs Commissioner Jon Schlosser, warned that moving the Board of Elections would lower the number of student voters. The new location on Campbell Street is accessible to students for free via Athens Public Transit.

According to Schlosser, a copy of the bill will be sent to County Commissioner Lenny Eliason who will make the ultimate decision regarding the potential move.

Senate also passed a bill in response to the Fourth National Climate Assessment as a formal recognition of the assessment. It demonstrates the body’s intent to continue moving toward a green campus, according to the bill’s sponsor Environmental Affairs Commissioner Allison Shryock.

The bill is aligns with the university’s Carbon Commitment, which is a plan to become carbon neutral by 2075.

Student Senate also joined Graduate Student Senate in opposing two Ohio House Bills that will make it more difficult for low-income Ohioans to receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Finally, Senate passed two pieces of legislation regarding the Board of Trustees. The first establishes a precedent wherein the body presents it’s projects to the Board of Trustees to increase cooperation between the two bodies.

The second bill is to change how the Senate’s constitution is amended. Currently, the body votes on changes before the student population. After that vote, the Senate votes again before sending the changes for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Now, the body would like to be more autonomous, allowing them to approve their own constitutional changes with consent from the student body.

In other business:

  • Senate passed a bill allocating funds for office supplies.
  • Senate passed a bill allocating funds to rent a projector for their holiday movie screening.
  • The body also voted to fill a SAC senate seat and a University Life senate seat.
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