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Elizabeth Warren visits Ohio U to campaign for Richard Cordray, local democrats

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited Ohio University Thursday to support Richard Cordray. Photo by Bo Kuhn.

The Massachusetts senator spoke to students and community members Thursday, encouraging people to vote. She was joined by Richard Cordray, Betty Sutton, and Rick Neal.

Five more days,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in the Walter Rotunda on Thursday as a part of her campaign in support of Democratic politicians throughout the country.

Warren endorsed gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, who also addressed the audience. Cordray’s running mate Betty Sutton and U.S. House of Representatives candidate Rick Neal also spoke.

Roy Boyd, an economics professor at Ohio University, said he was there to support the Democratic candidates. Boyd expressed his concern over the coming midterm election, and said the upcoming election is the most important midterm of his time.

Warren and Cordray were introduced by Bailey Williams, president of the College Democrats. Williams said  in the upcoming midterm voters can “show the world that the U.S. is better than this,” in reference to the current political climate.

Neal spoke first, talking about Athens and his opponent Steve Stivers.

“If Steve Stivers had his way, Medicaid expansion would go away,” he said. After his speech, the other speakers also stressed health care in their talking points.

Sutton talked about her time in the U.S. House and how she fought to pass the Affordable Care Act and to include the preexisting conditions amendment to the bill. She also said that Ohio is a state with amazing potential, but Ohioans need to vote to reach that potential.

Cordray focused largely on his time at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is how he began working with Warren. Cordray said his work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “put $2 billion back in the pockets of Ohioans.”

“We are in this fight because we believe that health care is a basic human right,” Warren said.

Warren described the control Republicans currently have over the federal government. She said the control extends to the state level, including Ohio where Republicans control the legislature and governor’s office.

After the speakers had finished, Warren began a chant. Her message to elected republicans: “Five more days.”

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