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Crimewatch: The Dog Days

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Campus Crime

Find out what nefariousness and general mischief has been happening in Athens while you were out of town, or in town, this summer

While many Bobcats were enjoying a summer break free of tedious, three-hour classes and less-than-desirable dining hall meals, a select few remained on campus to further their academic growth.

Unfortunately for Ohio University Police Department (OUPD), crime does not take vacations. Athens Fire Department (AFD) also couldn’t catch a break, with a total of 97 fire alarms and two vehicle fires reported on campus from May 6 to Aug. 26.

This summer, OUPD arrested 12 people for operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OVI). The bulk of these arrests occurred in May and July; both months had four OVI arrests.

Additionally, OUPD gave 23 people citations for disorderly conduct. Of these reports, 12 noted that the suspects were under the influence of alcohol.

Keeping with the theme of alcohol related crimes, the police cited three people for having an open container and five for underage consumption. Four of the five citations for underage consumption were given in August.

One individual was cited in August for possessing a fake ID.

Alcohol wasn’t the only substance abused this summer. OUPD cited 10 people for the possession of marijuana paraphernalia this summer; nine of these crimes were committed in August. Additionally, campus police cited 22 individuals for the possession of controlled substances — most of which were for marijuana.

Campus police conducted 24 operations over break, which ranged from arrests due to outstanding warrants to K-9 deployments.

Officers filed 13 reports of property destruction at the Research and Technology Center, the Ridges, and Congress Street, among other places. Another four people were given citations for burglary.

OUPD also received 20 reports of theft, which included nondescript personal items from a Ridges building and a welder from facilities management.

One litterbug was slapped with a citation in July. Another person was cited for criminal trespassing. Lastly, two people were cited for assault.

One report of sexual imposition over break was reported to OUPD. The incident occurred on May 17 at the Ewing House. In July, a woman was transported to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail after being arrested for domestic violence at Stocker Hall. She reportedly assaulted a male around 2 p.m..

There were 35 service calls over summer with the majority of them were well-being checks.


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