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Only ticket running for Student Senate sweeps election

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The Bridge OHIO ticket swept Tuesday's Student Senate election. Photo by Elizabeth Rockamore.

The unopposed Bridge OHIO swept the 2018-2019 Student Senate election.

Maddie Sloat was elected Student Senate president with 604 votes. Hannah Burke was elected vice president with 611 votes and Lydia Ramlo won Treasurer with 597 votes. All candidates ran on the unopposed Bridge OHIO ticket.

673 students voted in the this year’s Student Senate election, compared to 2,202 in the 2017-18 election, and 2,097 voters in the 2016-17 election. 673 voters is less than one percent of the student population.

President-elect Maddie Sloat said she believed turnout was low compared to previous years because only one ticket ran in the election.

“We want to emphasise that we were disappointed no one else ended up running,” Sloat said. “I think it’s definitely really hard to rally students to vote when there is only one ticket.”

Sloat also addressed those who blamed Bridge OHIO for being the only ticket during the election.

“I also really hope people are not portraying this as our fault in some way,” Sloat said. “I think that has been the conversation a lot, and we are the ones that stepped up and ran.”

Vice President-elect Hannah Burke also expressed her disappointment in the voter turnout.

“I think that this year we are going to try to work on making sure this isn’t something that happens again,” Burke said.

Sloat and Burke pointed towards diversity as a driving force behind Bridge OHIO. Sloat cited Neut Neuhart and Missy Pedula, both of whom are candidates for Ohio University College Republican president, as examples of diversity of thought in Bridge OHIO.

“While we were recruiting our ticket members, we really looked to try and be as diverse as possible in a lot of different ways,” Burke said.

Current Student Senate President Landen Lama commended Bridge OHIO for their victory.

“I have full support in Maddie and her team and I know they’ll do great things,” Lama said. “I’ll always be there to guide them and help them with anything they need.”

Three candidates won write-in ballot campaigns. Jayden McAdams and Michaela Trawick both won positions as SAC representatives with 15 and 10 votes respectively. Simphiwe Songwhe won a position as an at-large senator with four votes. These positions were not contested by Bridge OHIO candidates.


President- Maddie Sloat- 604 votes

Vice President- Hannah Burke- 611 votes

Treasurer- Lydia Ramlo- 597 votes

At-large Senators

Gray Levine (Bridge OHIO)- 504 votes

Madeline Kate Baker (Bridge OHIO)- 501 votes

Rachael Ridout (Bridge OHIO)- 473 votes

Cam Sico (Bridge OHIO)- 470 votes

Simphiwe- 4 votes

SAC Representatives

Missy Pendula (Bridge OHIO)- 495 votes

Justin Kelley (Bridge OHIO)- 484 votes

Audrey Bull (Bridge OHIO)- 479 votes

Priscilla Opuku (Bridge OHIO)- 472 votes

Niaree Williams (Bridge OHIO)- 465 voters

Zach Whetstone (Bridge OHIO)- 452 votes

Pace Brunswick (Bridge OHIO)- 444 votes

Jayden McAdams- 15 votes

Michaela Trawick- 10

Off Campus Senators

Amal Afyouni (Bridge OHIO)- 290 votes

Aliviah Chaplin (Bridge OHIO)- 276 votes

Elli Lavon (Bridge OHIO)- 273 votes

La Ron Jones (Bridge OHIO)- 268 votes

Eva Holtkamp (Bridge OHIO)- 267 votes

Residential Senators

Gabriela Soto (Bridge OHIO)- 101 votes

Rasmia Shrain (Bridge OHIO)- 100 votes

Ashley Robinson (Bridge OHIO)- 94 votes

Benjamin Carman (Bridge OHIO)- 93 votes

Hunter Graffice (Bridge OHIO)- 82 votes

Russ College of Engineering and Technology Senator- Neut Neuhart (Bridge OHIO)- 75 votes

Scripps College of Communications Senator- Stephen Sponhour (Bridge OHIO)- 95 votes

College of Arts and Sciences Senator- Hams Kashoob (Bridge OHIO)- 152 votes

College of Business Senator- Andy Brunson (Bridge OHIO)- 67

College of Health Sciences and Professions Senator- Emma Shaver (Bridge OHIO)- 73 votes

Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education Senator- Ryanne Morr (Bridge OHIO)- 57 votes

Honors Tutorial College Senator- Georgia Curran (Bridge OHIO)- 71 votes

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