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City Council unanimously opposes bobcat hunting season

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Athens City Council voted unanimously to oppose bobcat hunting season. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

City council opposes bobcat hunting, talks pothole repairs and the repair of a water reservoir.

City Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing a proposal for a bobcat hunting season during their Monday night meeting. The council also discussed pothole repairs and fixing a water reservoir.

The bobcat hunting proposal, which was initially brought forth by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, would allow an unlimited number of people to legally hunt bobcats after paying a fee of five dollars.

“I like the idea of there being wild animals in the woods,” Jeffrey Risner, the Second Ward Representative, said. “They are worth more to me alive than they are dead.”

The ODW wrote in October 2017 that the rate of expansion and area currently occupied by bobcats and population size is still unknown.

Ohio University has received funding to conduct a non-invasive four-year study on abundance, density and population viability, Risner said, emphasizing that bobcats do not tend to overpopulate and they are prone to accidental killings.

Pothole repairs

Repairs on potholes across Athens are continuing this week.

The streets expected to be repaired due to water damage are W. State St, Central Ave. and Woodside Dr. Additionally, Stimson Ave, Mill Street, Shannon Ave., S. May Ave. and Morris Ave. are also expected to be fixed in the near future.

“The public works has really sped up its cycle of going around and continually monitoring and patching holes as they identify them,” Mayor Steve Patterson said.

Fixing the water reservoir

City Council held a public hearing at the start of the meeting to discuss a grant that would allow for the repairment of a water reservoir.

“I think it’s a pretty important project to make sure they all have adequate water for household use and for public safety,” Risner said.

The reservoir currently has a capacity to hold 1 million gallons of water and serves over 7,500 people.

Upcoming events

  • The western side of Tulane off E. State St. will be closed on March 20 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. due to sanitary and installation purposes.
  • An open house for the Richland bridge will be held on April 3 in order to learn more about the repairs being made to it.
  • The showing of “Our Town,” which is a documentary about Athens, will be held in the Temple Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium on Sunday, March 25.
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