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Ohio U Campus Crime: Love (and crime) is in the air

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Campus Crime

These are the crimes as reported by the Ohio University Police Department last week. They include marijuana citations, traffic citations and assault. 

Assault at Alden

OUPD was dispatched to Alden Library on Valentine’s Day after a student reported that they were assaulted there. The investigation into this case is ongoing.

Destroy My Heart (and My Property)

There were seven cases of destruction of property last week. OUPD was dispatched twice on Valentine’s Day to perform service calls on property damage.

Mardi Grass

The skunk-like smell filled the nostrils of OUPD officers on three separate occasions last week when they charged three people with possession of controlled substances of marijuana. Two other people were charged with possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Working for the Weekend and Also Thursday

All of the OUPD’s alcohol offenses occurred last week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Two people were cited for underage consumption, and two others were cited for disorderly conduct due to intoxication. Both underage consumption citations occurred in residence halls. One of the people cited for underage consumption was also cited for possessing a fake ID.

Traffic Troubles

Four speed demons were cited for speeding and two other drivers were cited for getting their right-of-way rules wrong. One citation was issued to a driver who was in an accident near Nelson Dining Hall for failing to yield. Two drivers were cited for expired vehicle registration. And finally, one person was caught driving on a suspended license and another person was cited for not wearing a seatbelt.  

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