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Ohio U Campus Crime: Smoke detector rejector

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Campus Crime

Three counts of rape have been reported by the Ohio University Police department since the beginning of spring semester. Here are the other crimes OUPD faced.

Sexual Assault

Ohio University Police Department reported three different counts of rape this week.

Phonies and Stoniez

Two people were booked this week for not only being intoxicated while underage, but also for possession of fake IDs. OUPD issued three citations this week for possession of marijuana.

Smoke Detector Rejectors

Two students were reported for covering smoke detectors in the parking garage underneath James Hall on Jan. 19.

Office Offenders

OUPD received a report of the theft of an undisclosed item from an office in Grover Center on Friday. A student also reported being harrassed and extorted over the phone that same day.

Morally Bankrupt Automobile Drivers

Several traffic offenses were reported this week, including 2 citations for speeding, 3 failures to obey traffic control devices, 2 expired vehicle registrations, and one stop sign violation. One person was also cited for driving under suspension

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