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Ohio U Campus Crime: Arson reported by OUPD

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Campus Crime

A break-in at The Ridges? A trash can fire? Those plus the usual suspects were reported by the Ohio U Police Department this week.

Red, and Green Weed

OUPD cited 11 people for the possession of marijuana. None were cited for the possession of marijuana paraphernalia, despite some of these offenders being apprehended in parking lots and on streets. Five of these citations were given out on Dec. 6 alone.

The “Only” One

Only one student was cited for underage drinking this week, despite at least one other person who is definitely guilty of underage drinking this week who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. The citation was given at 3:41 a.m. at Read Hall.

Preemptive Finals Preparation

OUPD reported six counts of property destruction this week. Two of these reports were filed on Nov. 30, and both involved graffiti in bathroom stalls. The other three reports were filed on Dec. 6 and involved grafiti in both a Morton Hall bathroom and an undisclosed location in Baker. The third property destruction report that occured on Dec. 6 which involved a broken window at the Dougan House.

White Elephant, But Not as Fun

Items reported stolen this week include: a stolen bike from the Armbruster House on Nov. 30, an iPhone stolen from Sargent Hall on Dec. 1, a market basket from Jefferson Hall on Dec. 4, and a jacket stolen from Baker on Dec. 6.

Regular Traffic

OUPD gave six traffic citations this week for the following: (1) a red light violation on Richland Avenue, (2) speeding, (3-4) two stops of driving with an expired vehicle registration, (5) a stop sign violation on University Terrace and (6) driving under suspension. Additionally, OUPD responded to two reports of accident property damage in Parking Lot 109 and Parking Lot 128.

Miscellaneous Reports

On Dec. 2, OUPD issued an individual a citation for littering.

OUPD only arrested one individual this week. The individual in question was arrested for trespassing at Ridges Building 19,  and for the possession of fake identification.

During the early morning hours of Dec. 4, a caller reported finding the remnants of a small trash can fire. The damage was confined to the trash can. OUPD did not report finding remnants of chestnuts in the trash can.

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