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Student Senate opposes national tax bill

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Student Senate held a “State of the Senate” address last night. Topics included opposition to legislation in the U.S. Congress and their new video network, which could include cooking videos. 

Ohio University Student Senate approved a bill to send letters to local officials opposing parts of the proposed tax bill currently in U.S. Congress and provided updates on its work through the semester thus far during its State of the Senate address.

Senators felt that the tax bill unfairly affects graduate students by creating a tax for tuition stipends. Governmental Affairs Commissioner Matt Mamone called the proposed tax “jaw- dropping.”

“Graduate students are important throughout everywhere,” Mamone said.

“They add to the economy and provide training toward the next generation in the service sector of the economy.”

During her address, Vice President Nicole Schneider said she has begun to develop a collection of shareable videos to inform students about campus issues and other helpful tips.

“While past senates have struggled to reach students, we are developing the Bobcat Student Network,” Schneider said.

“We hope to share with students complicated topics and open discussion about ongoing conflicts on campus, such as the differences between hate speech and hateful speech. We also hope to share simple tips like how to read your DARS and even easy recipes when ramen noodles begin to physically pain you.”

Schneider also said she was creating a Women in Government Leadership Coalition across the state, and has asked every Ohio student government to nominate their highest-ranking female member.

“I felt this was a great way to initiate widespread change in the name of women’s rights,” Schneider said.  

President Landen Lama used the platform to emphasize Student Senate’s importance.

“We can no longer sit idly by and allow faculty, staff, administrators, our own constituency and even our own senators to say that this wonderful institution — Student Senate — is insignificant and can make no real change,” Lama said.

“Stand up to those people and show them what we can do and will do by never giving up that good fight.”

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