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Spooky Campus Crime: Scare-ijuana and BOOze citations and arrests

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Here's what the Ohio University Police Department cracked down on during HallOUween weekend at Ohio University.

Here’s what the Ohio University Police Department cracked down on during HallOUween weekend at Ohio University.


OUPD gave out 11 total marijuana-related citations to students between Oct. 26 and Oct. 29. These citations were evenly spread throughout the weekend, with no single day seeing a significant spike in citations with respect to the previous.

In addition to the 11 citations, OUPD arrested two individuals for the possession of marijuana on Oct. 28, the night of the block party. The individuals in question were also held accountable for underage consumption and disorderly conduct by intoxication.


The majority of arrests during HallOUween Weekend were a direct result of alcohol consumption. Three individuals were arrested for underage consumption; only two citations were awarded for the same crime.

Continuing with the theme of alcohol-related crime, OUPD cited three individuals for disorderly conduct by intoxication, while a single individual was arrested for the same crime.

One student was arrested for not only the possession of a fake ID, but also for public urination—four other students received citations for the latter crime. Understandably, the restroom lines on Court St, especially in Wendy’s, stretched on for miles. Again, this was something covered in a previous article.

Theses tricks got treated

OUPD only received two reports of property destruction over the weekend. On Oct. 26, OUPD took a report in reference to graffiti on College and East Green. Two days later, OUPD received a report of a broken window at Bromley Hall as a result of criminal damaging.

The same day, OUPD arrested three individuals for obstructing official business. The first of these arrests occurred at 2:15 a.m. at University Terrace, and the student was held accountable for public urination and the possession of a fake ID as well. The second occurred at 9:50 p.m. at Scripps Hall, and the individual was also held accountable for violating the open-container law. Later, at 11:39 p.m. an individual was apprehended at Park Place.

Tricks for treating

OUPD took three reports of theft this weekend. The stolen items in question include a bicycle, keys and an Ohio U ID card. Respectively, these events happened on Oct. 26, Oct. 28, and Oct. 29.

Spooky traffic

There were four traffic incidences this weekend. One individual received a citation for speeding on Oct. 27 on South Green Drive. That same day, a student was given a citation for driving with a 12 point suspension.

On Oct. 28, OUPD awarded a citation to an individual in Parking Lot 90 for driving whilst under suspension. Lastly, on Oct. 29, OUPD received report of a crash in Parking Lot 52.

Perhaps they should have read our tips on how not to get arrested on HallOUween Weekend.

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