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Ohio U Campus Crime: Faculty member, please control your dog

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Campus Crime

This week in crime: possible narcotics found in Adams Hall, a faculty member receives a citation and one case of stalking.

High Crime

The Ohio University Police Department documented six citations for the possession of marijuana this week. But only one citation for the possession of marijuana paraphernalia was awarded.

By far, this week was the most tame for drug-related crimes in over three weeks. But on Oct. 21, OUPD discovered possible narcotics in Adams Hall whilst investigating the cause of a fire alarm at 8:42 p.m. Later this week, on Oct. 24, OUPD received a report from the Ping Recreation Center detailing the discovery of an unknown substance at approximately 12:11 a.m.

Snoozing on the Boozing

Only three alcohol-related incidences occurred this week. Oct. 19 saw the arrest of one student for underage drinking at Jefferson Hall. Later, on Oct. 21, one student at Brown Hall received a citation for disorderly conduct via intoxication. For the same crime, another student was arrested at Boyd Hall only eight minutes later.

Lastly, on Oct. 24, a fake ID was discovered in a missing wallet at the Radio-Television Building. To be fair, the intended usage of the ID was not clear—it is voting season after all (which is still a felony, but we just want to make sure nobody is automatically assuming the ID was used for alcohol given the heading of this paragraph).

Theft and Property Destruction

There were four reported traffic incidents—three of these reports are also categorized under property destruction. Two vehicles in Parking Lot 111 were reported to OUPD as damaged on Oct. 19.

On Stewart Street, a complainant reported that a driver backed up into a pole on Oct. 23. Lastly, in the South Green Garage on Oct. 25, OUPD received a report pertaining, again, to vehicle damage.

Theft Roundup

Four thefts were reported to OUPD this week. Items reported stolen this week include: a laptop from Alden Library, student account information and a wallet. In addition, an entire bike seat was reported stolen. Yes, a whole bike seat. Who steals a bike seat?


OUPD received a request from a student in reference to a menacing by stalking incident on Oct. 23 at 8:49 p.m. in Sargent Hall.

Control your dog, Ma’am

On Oct. 25, OUPD gave a member of Ohio University’s faculty a citation for her failure to control her dog, resulting in an unwanted dog bite.

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