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7 tips to avoid getting arrested during Halloween in Athens

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Athens Halloween Block Party. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Listen up, Freshmen! Follow these seven tips to stay safe and lawful on your first HallOUween weekend. If you don’t, there could be consequences.

Every year, thousands of visitors rush into Athens to celebrate Halloween at the famed party on Court Street.

While many students and visitors enjoy the weekend, some people end up sick, injured or arrested.

Here’s how to make sure you’re not one of them:

  1. Stay in groups. There are going to be many more people crowding the streets of Athens than usual, and this means the cell service isn’t always going to work. The best way to avoid spending Halloween alone is to stay with a group of people the whole night.
  2. Do not carry open containers of alcohol. It is illegal to have open containers of alcohol in public spaces, which include the sidewalks and streets in front of apartments and buildings off campus.
  3. Do not publicly urinate. This is not only gross, but illegal.
  4. Do not argue with police officers. If you interfere with the arrest of a friend, you could be arrested too.
  5. Get help if you need it. The Medical Emergency Assistance program at Ohio University means that you can seek medical attention without facing university charges against you for drugs or alcohol. This applies to both the person in need of medical attention and the person who helps them.
  6. Make a plan. If you are having a guest come to visit you, make sure you are with them the entire time. Students living in residence halls are responsible for their guests. So if your guest gets in trouble, so do you.
  7. Be responsible. With people flooding the streets and poor cell service, you don’t want to be the person who is completely intoxicated and lost. Have a fun weekend, but make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and able to take care of yourself.


If you do end up being arrested for possession or use of marijuana or alcohol when you are underage, the consequences from the university are a 6-9 month disciplinary probation, a $200 bill to your student account, a university-based intervention program and a minimum of five hours of community restitution.

If you are arrested for misconduct or public intoxication, the university consequences will be 9-12 months of disciplinary probation, a $250 bill to your student account, a university intervention program and a minimum of ten hours of community restitution.

If you are arrested for the possession or use of other drugs and narcotics, the consequences are a minimum of one semester suspension, $150 fine, an alcohol/drug assessment, 20 hours for community restitution and disciplinary probation of one year upon returning to Ohio U.

If you follow the guidelines listed above, you should have a safe and fun weekend.

Happy HallOUween!

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