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Ohio U Campus Crime: Possible narcotics found in the Living Learning Center

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Campus Crime

The usual suspects return this week in Campus Crime: marijuana citations, arrests for underage drinking, reports of thievery and traffic citations were all seen by OUPD.

Weeds meets Narcos

This week’s crime report saw fourteen marijuana-related citations, up from last week’s eleven total citations. There were also two reported cases of marijuana odor and paraphernalia, but no citations or arrests were made due to a lack of suspects at the scenes of the crimes.

Additionally, on Oct. 10, the Ohio University Police Department (OUPD) discovered a balloon filled with an unknown substance in the Living Learning Center. OUPD noted that the aforementioned substance was possibly narcotics. Lastly, on Oct. 11, Bromley Hall’s Residence Life reported the possible presence of an undisclosed controlled substance.

Drinking Day

This week, OUPD made four arrests for underage alcohol consumption and the possession of fictitious identification. Three of these arrests occurred over the weekend, while the latest UAC arrest was made on—wait for it—Reading Day (Tuesday), of all days.

There were also two citations this weekend for disorderly conduct via intoxication. Both individuals were transported to O’Bleness Memorial Hospital.

Just Traffic

OUPD handed out five traffic citations this week; they also received a report of a hit-and-run in Parking Lot 128.

For the most part, traffic citations this week merely detailed stop-sign violations, right-of-way violations, driving on a closed roadway—the usual.

Thieves Among Us, Still

There was a slight surge in the amount of reported thefts, with six total theft reports this week versus last week’s four total theft reports.

As far as what was reported stolen this week, there were not any surprises. Unless, of course, a parking sign reported as stolen on Oct. 5 at 8:36 a.m. from Parking Lot 104 counts as unusual.

Missing parking signs aside, four of these six reports, including the case of the missing parking sign, were filed over the weekend.

Disrespecting Surroundings

Six counts of property destruction and criminal mischief were reported this week, with four of these reports filed over the weekend.

On Oct. 6, a fire alarm was pulled at Wilson Hall at 11:33 p.m., which was cited by OUPD as criminal mischief. The next day, a door window at Ridges Building 7 was reported as being destroyed as a result of criminal mischief.

That Sunday, two individuals reported damage sustained to their vehicles at Bromley Hall and Parking Lot 84 at 8:21 a.m. and 11:44 a.m., respectively. On Oct. 11, one individual reported damage to their bicycle in the South Green Garage.

Ohio U also saw the first reported rape of the 2017-18 academic year. Read about that here.

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