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How did Athens City Schools score on the ODE report card?

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The Ohio Department of Education released district report cards, and Athens City Schools showed improvement across the board.

Athens City School District showed improvements from previous years, according to a report card released last month by the Ohio Department of Education for 2016-2017.

The Ohio Dept. of Education’s Local Report Card grades 611 districts in six areas: Achievement, Gap Closing, K-3 Literacy, Progress, Graduation Rate and Prepared for Success. The grades in each of these areas are determined by performance on 24 standardized tests grades 3rd-12th.

Athens City School District received D’s in K-3 Literacy and Achievement, C’s in Gap Closing and Prepared for Success and B’s in Graduation Rate and Progress.

Efforts to increase last year’s grades are paying off based on the improvements shown in this year’s report.

Students in the city of Athens increased standardized test scores on 16 of the 24 subjects, surpassing state averages in 20 areas.

While data shows improvement, the district only met 12 percent of the state’s indicators. In order for a subject indicator to be met, 80 percent of students must pass that subject.  Of the 25 subject areas, Athens met three indicators.

Whereas indicators measure performance on each subject, the state’s Performance Index score assesses students’ overall performance. Athens City’s score increased by 3.3 points, indicating that achievement is at an all-time high.  

“While we do not believe that standardized test scores tell the complete story of a student’s education, we are pleased that students are demonstrating academic growth,” Athens City Schools Superintendent Tom Gibbs said.

“Our dedicated teachers, administrators and staff members continue to work with students and families to ensure that each learner is reaching his or her potential on a daily basis,” Gibbs said.

Over 40 percent of Athens’ high school seniors earned above an 18 on the English Language Arts section of the ACT, earned a 22 or higher on the Mathematics portion, or received an honors diploma or industry-recognized credential. Athens City School District had 414 seniors in the 2016-2017 class, according to the ODE report card.

Eighty-three students earned the aforementioned credentials and a three or higher on at least one AP exam, four or higher on an IB exam or three college credits.

The ODE reported Athens’ four-year graduation rate at 89.1 percent, above the national average of 83.4 percent. The fifth-year graduation rate for Athens City is 91.5 percent, more than 5 percent ahead of the national average. 68 percent entered college within two years of graduating high school.

“We have worked hard to focus on what our students’ needs are and develop tools for our staff to better meet those needs,” Gibbs said.

“It is gratifying to see these efforts are paying off. We still have more work to do and we are eager to continue our progress, but more students are achieving at higher levels and that is something to be proud of.”

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