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Student Senate passes bill recommending that Ohio U hire international lawyer

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Student Senate 2017-18. File photo by Connor Perrett

Student Senate passed a bill proposed by Sen. Ellenore Holbrook encouraging Ohio University to hire an international lawyer to represent international students. There was one nay vote and two abstentions.

If Student Legal Services were to hire an international lawyer, the fee to waive legal services would rise from 12 to 13 dollars.  

At the time, any international student can seek legal advice for issues not related to international law, but cannot seek legal advice regarding international law from the lawyers currently employed at the Student Legal Services.

“When it comes to international law, we cannot advise them in any sense,” Holbrook said.

The contracted international law lawyer would come from Columbus twice a month to facilitate the legal needs of international students.

This program is based off Colorado State University’s decision to hire an international lawyer, whom they pay $100 an hour.  

This bill comes as the Student Legal Services contract ends with Ohio U in 2019, and Student Legal Services seeks to renegotiate the hiring of an international lawyer.  

The bill was also passed by Graduate Student Senate.

Senate discusses master plan for the ridges

Associate Vice President of University Planning, Transportation and Parking Services Shawna Bowlin addressed the senate to discuss the 2016 Master Plan, particularly regarding The Ridges.

The Ridges, formerly the Athens Lunatic Asylum, is at the center of Athens and Ohio U development. It currently contains, among other buildings, an art museum and laboratories.  

Discussion of developments by Bowlin included senior housing, graduate housing, movement of administrative buildings and the proposed “mega-school” development.

The “mega-school” is a proposition by the Athens City School District to update outdated schools, and The Ridges is a primary candidate for development. Bowlin expressed her openness to the idea of development in unused space on The Ridges.

“Everyone believes that it is something we should consider,” Bowlin said. “We are staying out of that process.”

Bowlin said the site development should reflect that The Ridges is essential to Athens.

“I think that The Ridges plays a special role in the hearts of the community,” Bowlin said.

Senate recommends that the outside fourth floor of Baker be preserved for small events

Senate passed a bill recommending that the area at the top of Baker Center be preserved as an area for small groups to reserve as long as they do not impede the flow of traffic. The Outdoor Space Policy will be updated on Oct. 6.

The bill was particularly concerned with section D, part 5 of the Outdoor Space Policy, which specifies that areas outside of Baker beyond the tabling area are prohibited for small group gatherings to reserve space.  

The policy was approved as a part of the interim policy updates widely known as the “Freedom of Expression” policy.

The Executive Director of Event Services Dustin Kilgour claimed that he believed that the outdoor space policy deserves updates.

“There are several updates that need to be done to this policy,” Kilgour said.

Other notable happenings

1. A debate on whether to purchase clementines or candy to hand out for Saturday’s homecoming parade failed to reach a conclusion after ten minutes.

2. A group of twelve senators met on October 1st to discuss rewriting the “Freedom of Expression” policy, which will be submitted to the administration on Oct. 11.

3. Several appointments were made to various commissions.

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