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OPINION: The Republican Party isn’t for Kasich anymore

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If Kasich can’t identify with today’s Republican Party, maybe that’s more a reflection of his failings, Opinion Writer Cade Plotts asserts.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in an interview Sunday with CNN that he’s trying to “struggle for the soul of the Republican Party the way that I see it, and I have a right to define it, but I’m not going to support people who are dividers.”

This seems to be directed at Pres. Donald Trump, whose victory over establishment republicans, the faction Kasich represented in the election, was a realigning point for the party as a whole. It’s a point that establishment republicans like Kasich can’t seem to accept.

Kasich moved on to say that “the spirit, the essence of America, lies in the hearts and souls of us. Some missed this message. It wasn’t sexy. It wasn’t a great soundbite.”

Speaking of his message during his bid for the presidency, what Kasich doesn’t seem to realize is that hearts and souls spoke. They spoke in favor of Trump, someone new, who remembered those who had been forgotten and who refused to be forgotten any longer.

Kasich is upset with his party because it isn’t his party any longer. The people no longer want someone to cater to everyone in order to get votes. They want someone to staunchly stand up for their beliefs, while compromising when necessary.

Three distinctly different republicans ran in the 2016 presidential elections. Sen. Ted Cruz ran as the conservative option, for those unhappy with the status quo republicans. Trump ran as the alternative, for those who felt their party had left them behind. Kasich ran as a moderate and as the one with the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

The problem with that is the people who ultimately elected Trump didn’t just want to win. They wanted change. That’s why the GOP is divided now. It needs to accept this change in order to be a viable opponent against the democrats.

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