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Nina Turner endorses Bernie Sanders’ legacy in 90 Minutes Series

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Nina Turner

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner recently became president of the Bernie Sanders affiliated “Our Revolution.” On Ohio U’s campus, she explained how the progressive candidate’s legacy inspires grassroots movements.

For the former Ohio state senator and current president of the Bernie Sanders affiliated organization Our Revolution, being civil to those with opposing beliefs is crucial. Sen. Nina Turner spoke at length about political engagement and divisive issues at the 90 Minutes event Wednesday night to an audience of around 150.

“My brother is an ultra, ultra, ultra conservative, but there is nothing that will separate me from my brother,” Turner said.

“No political party is worth that.”

Tolerating different viewpoints online, Turner added, is where a lot of society’s focus needs to be. She stressed that people should not be talking down to others just because they vote a certain way.

“You can stand up for your issues and be fierce and not diminish someone’s humanity,” Turner said.

There is a difference, she added, when it comes to hate speech. Turner said the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia needed to be combatted, as standing up to bigotry and racism is something everyone should be doing.

By getting involved in the political process, Turner argued, individuals can do exactly that and make the necessary changes to hold people accountable for their actions.

VIDEO: Nina Turner on Our Revolution

“You’re never too old to make a difference,” Turner said.

“There’s always a generation before us and always a generation behind us. We need dreamers.”

She said people must be bold and ambitious to fight for what they believe in. Turner explained that voting in all elections, from the school board to local state representatives, should be examined with the same level of importance as candidates in a national general election merit.
Turner hopes to highlight this importance and continue to get more people involved in politics via Our Revolution.

Founded in the spirit of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 primary campaign, Our Revolution aims to support grassroots candidates across the country who follow a progressive agenda. With over 470 affiliated groups, some outside of the U.S., Our Revolution continues where Sanders left off.

“He ran one of the most humble and honest campaigns I’ve ever seen a politician run, and he stuck to the issues,” Turner said of Sanders.

Getting officials elected at the local level is the first goal for Our Revolution. Turner said hundreds of candidates from around the country have received fundraising aid from them and some have already made it into office.

Our Revolution does not require candidates to be part of a particular party, but Turner said candidates must have a progressive platform to receive the organization’s backing.

“We don’t only endorse Democrats. We are omni-party approach,” Turner said.

She was quick to mention that the organization has endorsed Green Party candidates and others, and while there has not yet been one to meet the progressive agenda standards that Our Revolution demands, Turner said the organization would endorse Republican candidates as well.

On the issues

Part of this progressive agenda includes support for reformed healthcare in the U.S. and an increase to the federal minimum wage.

“Why should poor people not have access to high quality healthcare just because they are poor? They are human beings,” Turner said. She went on to tell a personal story of farmers she met from Wisconsin that went to Washington with demands of more affordable healthcare.

When it comes to increasing the minimum wage, Turner believes that companies like Target increased their wages because workers have gotten together and demanded it. Grassroots activism, Turner said, can and does bring change.

Turner briefly addressed Ohio University’s “Freedom of Expression” interim policy, which places restrictions on students gathering on campus. She cited the value the First Amendment has in the U.S.

“As problematic as they were, our founding fathers gave us our First Amendment rights and we need to use it,” she said.

Turner wants young people to continue to get involved like they did during Sanders’ campaign. By speaking out against Ohio U’s policy and engaging in civil discussions, Turner believes they will be doing exactly that.
“For me that says that young people know the kind of future they want to live in.”

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