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WATCH: College Dems and Republicans can agree on one thing

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Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones eats pizza with students. Photo by Nate Doughty.

An event sponsored by the Ohio U College Democrats, College Republicans and LGBT Center aimed to increase conversation amongst various groups on campus through one thing everyone can agree on – Pizza.

About 100 students had an opportunity Thursday to get in on a slice of political conversation.

The Pizza and Politics event, held in the Walter Rotunda, was a collaboration between the Ohio University College Democrats, College Republicans and the LGBT Center. The event offered students the opportunity to discuss various political topics while eating a classic American staple.

“The goal here is to open up discussion amongst organizations and individuals here on campus about our current political climate and the issues that we face today,” said Ryan Evans, President of Ohio U College Republicans.

“We feel like starting on a low grass roots level on a college campus is a good start on opening up people’s thoughts and ideas on different issues and how different Americans face these different issues today.”

Participants were asked to sit with people they had never met. Each table had at least one representative from the three groups sponsoring the event to help facilitate discussion.

Topics ranged from hypothetical foreign policy scenarios to the Trump administration. While prepared questions were available, many groups pursued their own conversation.

“It’s just to get people in the same room talking about politics and to show that politics isn’t as scary as some people think,” said Ashley Fishwick, President of Ohio U College Democrats. “It’s more important now more than ever to be discussing these sticky political issues, we cannot shy away from them, we got to have them.”

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