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Student Senate has these issues with the ‘Freedom of Expression’ policy

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Student Senate already knew the “Freedom of Expression” policy was iffy. Tonight, they zeroed in on why it doesn’t work and what they want to change.

Student Senate debated the contentious “Freedom of Expression” policy at its Wednesday meeting, in preparation for the Senate’s upcoming forum and its plan to submit policy suggestions to the administration.

Many senators expressed their concern over the general ambiguity of the interim policy. Senators especially disliked the lack of information regarding the consequences for protests that violate the policy.  

One critic of the policy is Sen. Sam Tornow, who expressed his dissatisfaction toward having to “reserve” space for protesting, as found in section B of the policy guidelines, saying it “does not seem well thought out.”

But some senators took to the floor to defend the policy update. Sen. Matt Mamone claimed that the policy was necessary for the safety of the students.

“Policy at this university should first and foremost be that the students are safe,” Mamone said.

“This policy has issues, but they do put safety as a priority, and I think that is advantageous for any university.”

Another part of the policy that several senators found vague was the fact that no authority or procedure for punishment was outlined in the policy update, leaving the ability to administer consequences at the discretion of the school board with no formal outline of procedures.

Senate President Landen Lama explained that the policy was intentionally vague because it is only a temporary policy, and that language specification will be updated for the final policy.  

He also informed Senate that there is one month until the policy guidelines are due, and that Senate will form a uniform policy by then.

Student Senate will be holding an open forum for the general student population regarding the interim policy on Sept. 27, and urge students to come and ask questions or raise concerns.

Other notable happenings

  • Chair of Faculty Senate Joe McLaughlin addressed Student Senate regarding a proposed joint partnership between Student Senate and Faculty Senate.
  • Members of Senate appointed members to the Commission of Foreign Affairs and to Off Campus Commission.
  • Student Senate passed several internal resolutions regarding rules and attendance policy.
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