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Ohio U Campus Crime: A rude awakening

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Campus Crime

This week in crime: a fire alarm set off by marijuana smoke, a brawl in Atkinson house and grand theft auto.

A Rude Awakening

Ohio University saw an overall decrease in marijuana-related citations this week. Three of the six citations given for marijuana possession occurred at the golf course during the late hours of Sept. 9 and the early morning hours of Sept. 10. About 90 minutes separated each of the three aforementioned citations from the last.

On Sept. 11, students at Gamertsfelder Hall woke up to the wail of a fire alarm at 11:23 PM, when a student decided to “blaze it” at a late hour, setting off the fire alarm in the process.

Disorderly Delinquents

OUPD reported two cases of disorderly conduct this week. During the early hours of Sept. 9, a woman was arrested for disorderly conduct by way of intoxication. Later that evening, two individuals were given citations for a brawl. Additionally, one of these individuals was given a citation for underage alcohol consumption (UAC).

OUPD reported one other case of UAC this week on Sept. 8; the person in question was arrested and transported to the regional jail.

Grand Theft Auto: Athens

Three incidences of theft were reported this week. The first occurred on Sept. 8 and concerned the theft of a vehicle parking permit in Parking Lot 128.

Following in the footsteps of the previous theft that week, OUPD received a report of vehicular theft two days later. It is unclear if the stolen vehicle was the same vehicle the parking permit was stolen from. Lastly, on Sept. 13, a laptop was stolen from Alden Library.

Editor’s note: The New Political did not have access to the police reports from Sept. 12; thus, none of the content in this article relates to Tuesday, Sept. 12.

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