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The Stateful Eight: Meet the people who might be Ohio’s next governor

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Ohio’s 70th governor will inherit a widespread drug epidemic, an enlarged Rainy Day Fund and an increased spotlight in the aftermath of current Gov. John Kasich’s failed 2016 presidential run.

More than a year still remains until the Nov. 2018 gubernatorial election, but eight candidates for the governorship have emerged as the Democratic and Republican forerunners.

Let’s break down where these candidates come from.


Former State Rep. Connie Pillich

“I want to pay attention to every part of this state, because I know from experience that you can get votes everywhere,” Pillich told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Education: University of Oklahoma (B.A.), University of North Dakota (MBA), University of Cincinnati (J.D.)

Positions Held: Representative (D-28) in Ohio Legislature, 2nd lieutenant in United States Air Force, attorney, recruiting officer

State Sen. Joe Schiavoni

Sen. Joe Schiavnoi
Photo courtesy Ohio Senate.

“Our state is in a position where we have to make a change,” Schiavoni told NBC-Affiliate WFMJ. “We have to make a change to

invest in people rather than just tax cutting for the rich in order to get to prosperity and so we have a lot of proposals when it comes to broadband expansion… it’s going to take a ton of work to win the General Election. But we’re up for it. I have a good young team, people are working all hours of the clock and putting in the work, so people are getting there.”

Education: Ohio University (B.S.), Capital University (J.D.)

Positions Held: Senator (D-33) and minority leader in the Ohio Legislature,

Former U.S. Rep Betty Sutton

“I spent my life standing up for working families — the laborers, the firefighters, the teachers,” Sutton told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “I want to be the governor who stands up to the powerful interests [on behalf of] working people.”

Education: Kent State University (B.A.), University of Akron (J.D.)

Positions Held: U.S. House of Representatives for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, Representative in Ohio Legislature, City Council of Barberton

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

Nan Whaley
Photo courtesy Dayton Mayor’s office.

“I think it’s really key that Ohio needs a new direction,” Whaley told WOSU Public Media. “And as a mayor and an executive on

the ground, seeing the challenges and frustration that people in Ohio have, failed policies by the state, ones that are that are not leading the nation in job numbers, you know, we really need somebody that gets these issues, gets what it takes to move the state forward and can get it done.”

Education: University of Dayton (B.S.), Wright State University (M.P.A.)

Positions Held: Dayton Mayor, superdelegate, Dayton City Commission, adjunct professor


Attorney General Mike DeWine

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Photo courtesy Ohio Attorney General’s office.

“When I am governor our state will be fundamentally different,” DeWine said. “I will be ready to go on day one. I will walk through the door with a plan and I will be ready to get to work.”

Education: Miami University (B.A.), Ohio Northern University (J.D.)

Positions Held: Attorney General of Ohio, U.S. Senate, Lieut. Gov. of Ohio, U.S. House of Reps

Secretary of State Jon Husted

“If you were that kid who grew up in a small town, adopted like me, who thought you’d never meet a governor, let alone run for governor, I want you to be able to believe that the American Dream is alive for you in Ohio,” Husted said, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “But if you’re also that kid who grew up in the inner city in a tough neighborhood, I want you to believe too.”

Education: University of Dayton (B.A., M.A.)

Positions Held: Ohio Secretary of State, Senator in the Ohio Legislature, Speaker of the House in the Ohio House of Reps

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor
Photo courtesy Ohio Governor’s office.

“I care deeply about our state, our people, and the future we can build by working together,” Taylor told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “We turned Ohio in a new direction and we’ve seen what’s possible in our communities when we rein in government, put people first, and ensure everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream.My priorities are jobs, strengthening families, fixing education and cutting red tape so government is accountable. I want the job of serving Ohioans as our next Governor and this is an important step forward.”

Education: University of Akron (B.S., M.A.)

Positions Held: Ohio Lieutenant Governor, Ohio State Auditor, Representative in the Ohio Legislature

U.S. Rep Jim Renacci

“Unlike other candidates, I’ve spent the vast majority of my career in the business world, not politics,” Renacci said in a news release. “I believe deeply in the value of results, not rhetoric, and I am committed to putting that brand of principled, conservative, business-based thinking to work on behalf of the people of our state.”

Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (B.S.)

Positions Held: Congressman in U.S. House of Reps, Mayor of Wadsworth, OH, City Council President of Wadsworth, OH


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