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Jon Husted visits Athens to talk possible gubernatorial plans

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Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted met with OU College Republicans yesterday in the basement of Red Brick to discuss his experiences in life and in office, as well as what he might do if he decides to pursue a gubernatorial campaign.

Although Husted said he wouldn’t make the decision on whether to run for governor for several more weeks, he said the issues he would focus on if elected governor would be “job creation, education and liberation from the federal government.”

Specifically on the topic of education, Husted said he wanted to make sure students had school choice and that everyone who graduates from high school is prepared either for college or to enter the workforce.

Husted spoke on his personal history, as one of the main reasons he came to Athens was to give potential voters more personal information about himself. This included his experience with being adopted, growing up in Northeast Ohio and playing football at the University of Dayton.

He also brought up credibility, which he believes was a key issue in the 2016 presidential election and will continue to be important for Republicans in the future.

“People have lost their trust,” Husted said. “If you want to know why Donald Trump got elected, more than anything it’s that they didn’t trust Hillary Clinton, and the bond of trust between the people and their government has been broken. We’ve got to rebuild that trust.”

Husted went on to say his accomplishments in various state government offices make him qualified to continue working for the public.

“If you want to continue to have the honor and privilege to lead in life, you’ve gotta do what you say you’re gonna do,” he said. “You’ve got to keep your promises. And as Republicans right now, this is a very, very important thing for us to remember because last November we won.”

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