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Breaking: Fight disqualified from Student Senate elections

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An already unique Student Senate election just become a little more interesting: outsider ticket Fight was disqualified from the election as of 11:50 a.m. today. This decision was a result of Fight failing to submit its financial report on time, shifting its infraction level from a class B to a class A, which results in disqualification. Disqualification in this manner comes after four instances of violations.

“In failing to submit their latest financial report on time (the fourth time) we have now arrived at a class A violation,” the Senate Judicial Panel wrote in a press release.

Fight is living up to its name and is appealing the decision. Presidential candidate David Parkhill explained the confusion stemmed from a resolution passed in November that changed the timeline of the Student Senate election to better accommodate spring break and Ohio University’s Leadership Gala.

“We were under the impression for a little bit that maybe we can throw out the constitution, or at least parts of it, because it is not representative of what is happening in this election,” Parkhill said. “I think that this backs up our ‘outsiders have a disadvantage’ and that (the election) is geared towards folks on the inside having a step up and having an advantage going into this.”

Other tickets are still actively campaigning for the 2017-18 seats. Voice Presidential candidate Jordan Kelley said he admired what Fight brought to the election.

“I’m really sad to see Fight go, because while David Parkhill and I may disagree on our politics, I really admire the passion that he brought to this campaign and his desire to try and help students at the university,” Kelley said.

Green Light expressed its passion to continue forward in a statement.

“Green Light is looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow,” Presidential Candidate Landen Lama wrote. “We are proud that Student Senate is a true professional organization, which is why we are so passionate about winning, and about the potential to move forward with our plans to further the betterment of all Bobcats.”

Satirical ticket Time also put its two cents in, noting that votes for Fight will be nullified. The Judicial Panel wrote in its statement that votes placed for Fight will not be counted, but votes for other candidates will not be affected.

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  1. Duckling

    April 3, 2017 at 3:24 PM

    Go Fight! Don’t give up. lol


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