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2017 Student Senate Ticket: Voice

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Three tickets are running for Student Senate this year, with vastly different platforms and ideas for the future. Get to know Voice:

Presidential candidate: Jordan Kelley is fourth-year B.S.S. student studying student development and has been part of Student Senate for four years a senator, commissioner, vice commissioner and on Student Senate staff. He has been an RA and currently sits on the University Hearing Board.

“When making our platform, we were very intentional that everyone on our ticket was included to make sure we were representing the student body as a whole better than the three of us could on our own,” Kelley said.

Vice Presidential candidate: Keyarah Newton is a junior majoring in political science. Newton is the current president of the Ohio Global Studies Union, an International Student Union representative and the black affairs commissioner for Student Senate.

Treasurer candidate: Dane Hudson is a junior studying finance and business economics and has had financial service internships at Fidelity Investments and Diamond Hill Capital Management. He is the president of the Fixed Income Management Group and has been on SAC for a year, as well as part of the general fee committee.

Voice’s Platform:
  • Alternative weekend programming to mitigate drinking culture
  • Better college affordability through trimming the University’s budget
  • Increased counseling for mental health
  • Alternative dining options through the use of Bobcat Cash
  • Use of flex points uptown and finally a climate shift to mitigate hate crimes on OU’s campus

Kelley also believes that action must be taken when unforeseen events happen.

“I think we need to be making sure that we reach out to the affected population when something happens and really looking to them for how we can best support them,” Kelley said.

Check out our profiles on the other tickets, Fight and Green LightStudent Senate elections will start 8 a.m. Monday, April 3 and last through 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 4.

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