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2017 Student Senate Ticket Profile: Fight

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Three tickets are running for Student Senate this year, with vastly different platforms and ideas for the future. Get to know Fight:

Presidential candidate: David Parkhill, a junior studying business management, has experience outside of Student Senate, including his time as a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and a year as president of Ohio University College Republicans. He is hoping to break what he calls a cycle of insiders running Student Senate, instead turning Senate into a “Bobcat solutions center.”

Parkhill says he is running for Senate because he believes big organizations, like Ohio University, are inefficient and spend wastefully.

“The only real conservative thing I see coming out of this is big organizations are not very efficient,” he said. “Our platform is really intended for all Bobcats, no matter gender, creed, religion, nationality — whatever.”

Candidate for Vice President: Allison Huedepohl, a junior studying health service administration, helped take her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, from debt to financial solubility as their vice president, and is hoping to make OU a more inclusive environment for all.

“We do not see ourselves as above anyone; even as a ballot, the exec team is not above the rest of our people. Everyone has an equal say,” she said. “We want students to be able to come up to us at anytime and feel that they can ask any question that they want to.”

Candidate for Treasurer: Caleb Cline, a junior studying finance, is a member of the Marching 110 and has served as the recruiting squadron commander and training squadron commander of operation for Air Force ROTC at OU.

“I feel like I’ve had a chance to be a part of these great organizations and now have a chance to give back to the university and try and serve all the students by really focusing on common sense policies that will help students and let them know what is actually going on,” Cline said. “I don’t think I’m a spectacular kid for any reason. I’m an average Bobcat like a lot of us here, and I want to get back in and help everyone out just like me.”

“We’re outsiders,” Parkhill said. “Our experience give us the different leadership and different mindset that Senate does not currently have.”

Fight’s Platform:

Create a way to hold professors accountable through a Rate-My-Professor system based on end of semester surveys

  • Curb the stereotype of Senate members having an elite status
  • Create working relationships with the Board of Trustees and other administrators and creating solutions for problems that arise
  • Increase awareness for initiatives that exist

“Senate now thinks they have these ways to help students, but students don’t know about them. So maybe it exists, but it isn’t actually helping students,” Cline said.

Check out our profiles on the other tickets, Voice and Green LightStudent Senate elections will start 8 a.m. Monday, April 3 and last through 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 4.

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