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Trump’s First 100 Days: Here’s where Ohio’s Republicans stand on the AHCA

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Remember the American Health Care Act that was supposed to be voted on yesterday, the seventh anniversary of the passage of Obamacare, in the House? It didn’t happen, but maybe Friday.

The White House says the vote will be held Friday morning “in the light of day,” according to Axios. But House members aren’t sure when exactly the vote will take place now. In case you need a refresher of the current situation, the GOP doesn’t have enough votes to actually pass its Obamacare repeal. This due to different concerns from different coalitions inside the party.

So now with a slight break in the action of health care reform, it’s time to look at the state of the game. Here’s where Ohio’s Republicans stand on the American Health Care Act:

Editor’s note: Undecided means the rep has publicly stated they are unsure how they will vote on the bill. Unclear means the rep has not commented publicly and/or sadly not returned our calls for comment.

Steve Chabot

1st District



Brad Wenstrup

2nd District



Jim Jordan

4th District



Bob Latta

5th District



Bill Johnson

6th District



Bob Gibbs

7th District



Warren Davidson

8th District



Michael Turner

10th District



Pat Tiberi

12th District



David Joyce

14th District



Steve Stivers

15th District



James Renacci

16th District


In summary, that’s six for the bill, two opposed, two dodging requests for comment and one with a vague Facebook post about the amendments to the bill. We’ll keep calling and try to get a final count before whenever the actual vote will take place. Check back here over the next week as we update the reps’ positions.

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