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Trump’s First 100 Days: Kasich’s meeting with Trump, state Republicans feel heat from constituents

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Kasich is meeting with Trump but questions arise over who reached out

Last night, CNN reported Ohio Gov. John Kasich was meeting with Trump on Friday. Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that Kasich’s team had reached out multiple times for the meeting. Spicer’s comment was quickly rebuked by Kasich consultant, John Weaver. Weaver tweeted out that the president was the one who requested the meeting.

It should be noted Weaver is not officially on Kasich’s staff and the governor’s press secretary did not respond to messages requesting clarification on the matter.

Kasich and Trump’s relationship has been rocky for a while now, and this conflicted messaging is not surprising considering their history. Kasich skipped out on the Republican National Convention that was hosted in Cleveland and then refused to vote for Trump, instead writing in Sen. John McCain.

Even more recently, Kasich went at odds with Trump over his comments toward the press. The governor called for an investigation into Russian interference with the presidential election.

Ohio’s Republicans under fire from constituents

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, fielded questions from protesters yesterday at the Hayes Presidential Library in Fremont. The Toledo Blade reported that Jordan assured constituents Congressional  intelligence committees are looking into Russian interference and would possibly support a select committee.

The constituents went on to press Jordan on subjects such as abortion, health care repeal and Trump’s immigration order. Jordan didn’t answer any other specific questions and went on to continue his event at the Presidential Library.


Jordan isn’t alone in feeling constituent anger in their home districts. Town halls across the country are filling up, and Republicans are being pressed hard on their plans moving forward. It has become so widespread that Trump has weighed in on Twitter.

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