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Trump’s First 100 Days: Trump loses appeal & Conway ethics flub

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By the numbers:
  • Cases Trump has won concerning the immigration ban: 0
  • Patriots players skipping White House visit: 5
  • Times Trump administration has referenced nonexistent terror attacks: 3
Trump loses appeal on Immigration Ban

Three judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled against the Trump administration and its request to reinstate the immigration ban after a judge issued a stay last weekend.

This ruling will more than likely be appealed again and eventually end up in front of the Supreme Court, which still has eight members. That means if it came to a 4-4 deadlock, the lower court’s ruling stays in place and the immigration ban is not reinstated. That’s not to say the court is predicted to deadlock, but the Trump administration’s chances are not great now.

President Trump quickly took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the ruling.

The president’s tweet came as the appellate court released its verdict.

Conway in hot water over Ivanka product endorsement

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to the president, told Americans to go purchase Ivanka Trump’s product lines after Nordstrom pulled them from their stores.

Her comments quickly came under fire as there is a regulation that prohibits federal employees from using their platform for private gain. The ranking members of the House Oversight Committee issued a letter criticizing Conway for her comments and Sean Spicer told reporters that Conway had been “counseled” on the matter.

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