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Iranian Students Society rallies against immigration ban

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Members and supporters of Ohio University’s Iranian Students Society rallied Thursday afternoon in protest of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The rally started at the top of Baker University Center before moving across College Green to the side of Memorial Auditorium, where students and faculty shared personal stories and thoughts on the ban. In total, over 50 people — many of whom carried signs or white balloons to show their support — attended the rally, despite the harsh winter weather.

This was one of many Academics United rallies held at campuses across the country in an attempt to “raise awareness of the effects that the recent United States president’s executive order had on all of us,” ISS member Ali Adib said. “And if the United States is not our home anymore, Ohio University is our home.”

In addition to a few accounts from Iranian and other non-U.S.-born students, Faculty Senate Chair Joe McLaughlin also spoke out against the travel ban.

“We’re all affected by this. Ohio University has a very long and proud tradition of international education, of international research, collaboration and exchange,” McLaughlin said. “This is getting in the way of us doing our business. This executive order by President Trump is not simply directed at residents of the seven banned countries.”

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  1. […] Furthermore, Robinson and Itayim explained the concepts of security communities, which is a system that notifies an immigration agent when an immigrant has been fingerprinted and booked. This subject led to a conversation about international student protests. […]


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