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Opinion: Politicians should be able to use their social media for personal use

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Throughout the election process, many Americans turned to social media to get all the recent news surrounding each candidate, with Twitter being the most frequently visited. One of the most unique aspects of social media use during this election was each candidate using his or her personal Twitter account to tweet unrevised content. Typically, a public figure’s social media accounts are run by a social media director or assistant.

This raises the question, should politicians be allowed to tweet without prior revision by staff members? If you ask me, the answer is yes.

One of my favorite parts of this election was hearing from each candidate personally rather than through edited statements. It gave me an idea of what their individual personalities were really like, without all the cameras and press around.

For example, Hillary Clinton typically used Twitter to push citizens to vote for her by using inspirational messages and repeating her campaign goals daily. She also typically retweeted posts from President Obama’s Twitter account, a prominent supporter of hers throughout the election.

A popular tweet by Clinton one day prior to the election:

Whereas Clinton’s tweets tended to be much more calm and reserved, President-elect Donald Trump took a more harsh and brassy approach.Posts belligerently bashing Clinton for her mistakes as secretary of state, criticizing her seeming incapability to properly use an email account and calling her “crooked” are some examples.

Many believed tweets by both candidates, particularly those by Trump, were inappropriate and unprofessional. I disagree. I actually admire Trump for speaking his mind, despite what others may think of his commentary. It showed that he sticks to what he believes.

With the election over, many thought the use of social media by the two would decline. Clinton has been primarily absent from Twitter, with not much activity since her defeat on Nov. 8. However, there has not been a pause in Trump’s social media activity — or its criticism, which has only escalated since his win.

Although many have called his posts “unpresidential,” I believe the tweets should continue. I would rather have a president who is honest about his opinions than one who advises his staff to speak for him. Throughout Obama’s eight years in office, I don’t believe I truly knew him. Sure, from professional photographers and interviews, I learned a little bit, however, I want to get to know the leader of my country without all the editing and fixed interviews.

We as Americans need an honest president, and in my opinion, nothing says more about someone than what they decide to tweet in the middle of the night.

If you don’t like his posts, you can always unfollow him.

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