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OU Crime Watch: Humans v. Zombies players cited for disorderly conduct

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Two players of Humans v. Zombies, known as HvZ by the participants of the group, were issued citations for disorderly conduct by OUPD on Oct. 24.

Jesse Brown and his companion, Jeremy S. Dixon, were dressed in camouflage and carrying Nerf guns through Nelson Commons on their way to use a restroom when someone nearby called OUPD.  

While HvZ is not directly affiliated with the university, Brown said the group has had a good relationship with both the university and local police for the past 10 years.

“We always notify them (local law enforcement) when a game is about to start,” Brown said, “and no one has ever had a major incident with police while playing HvZ in Athens.”

Brown said he was dressed in urban camouflage with his name displayed on his arm, and he was carrying a pink gun. He also said he meant no harm to anyone in the vicinity.

“No one identified themselves,” Brown said. “They they just started yelling, ‘You can’t be in here’ over and over while I apologized and made for the nearest door.”

Brown intends to plead not guilty to his charges.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” Brown said, “but I refuse to accept guilt for something I didn’t do.”

Misunderstandings regarding games played on campus set aside, OUPD has been arresting more people for crimes related to alcohol but citing fewer over the past two weeks. The number of citations relating to drug use has remained stable.

OUPD cited and arrested two people for underage consumption by intoxication and individually arrested one person and cited one person, cited and arrested one person for disorderly conduct by intoxication and arrested one person for operating a vehicle under the influence. It also confiscated three fake ID cards and marked them for destruction.

Nine people were cited for possession of marijuana, while eight were cited with possession of marijuana paraphernalia. Two incidents related to the possession of controlled substances occurred during the past two weeks. OUPD cited one person and is currently investigating the other incident.

Police confiscated controlled substances from a resident of Luchs Hall on Oct. 18 and is awaiting lab results before making charges against the resident.

Criminal trespass, theft and traffic citations and reports grew more prevalent over the past two weeks.

Eight people were cited for criminal trespass, primarily occurring at the Ridges, while OUPD received 10 reports of theft occurring across campus, two of which were reports of stolen bicycles. The theft reports are under investigation at the time of publication.

OUPD issued three citations for failure to obey traffic control devices, one for expired vehicle registration and one for missing a headlight.

Officers received three reports of criminal mischief by graffiti and one report of vandalism. The reports are under investigation at the time of publication.

Two people reported telecommunications harassment; on Oct. 24, a female student reported her ex-boyfriend hacked her snapchat account. The same day, a male resident expressed to another female resident that his father was threatening him. Both reports are under investigation.

OUPD received reports of property damage and destruction of property in parking lots 56, 88, 90, 134, 147 and 200.

Call 740-593-1911 to contact OUPD for non-emergencies. For emergencies, call 911.

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