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Tony Goldwyn of “Scandal” makes the case for a President Hillary Clinton

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Video by Connor Perrett.

Actor Tony Goldwyn visited Athens on Sunday afternoon to express his support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s “Scandal, addressed a small group of local political activists in the driveway of a Graham Drive home, encouraging them to continue getting people to vote early and sharing his personal reasons for supporting Clinton.

Goldwyn said one thing that has impressed him throughout his travels to support Clinton has been the grassroots efforts of people across the country.

“This has renewed my faith in our system, because I’ve seen how when people get active at a neighborhood level, at a community level, that really is how profound change happens,” Goldwyn said. “If people don’t do that, the system does not work.”

Many of his reasons for supporting Clinton are based around his hopes for the future, such as potentially creating a Democratic majority in the Supreme Court, as well as his belief that Clinton has been a strong activist, a point that caught his attention in the early ‘90s. Goldwyn said he has spent an extensive amount of time researching Clinton’s career and has gotten to know her personally.

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