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Faculty member encourages Women for Trump at College Republicans

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Ohio University College Republicans (OUCR) had what David Parkhill, president of the organization, called its fourth-largest meeting ever Wednesday night.

Political Director Casey Kinsey led a discussion about how to respectfully canvass for Trump, pointing out that last year’s Greek Week was restructured to be about diversity after a fraternity wrote “Trump 2016” and “Build the wall” on the campus graffiti wall.

“This is a politically correct school, if you hadn’t noticed,” Kinsey said. “Your professors are completely liberal and if you’re not, you’re racist, sexist, a bigot.”

One professor who defies the liberal stereotype is associate professor of management Rebecca Thacker, who said she recently took on the volunteer role of chairman of the local Women For Trump organization.

“I need girls to join this movement,” Thacker said, to waves of applause. “You’ll have to overcome the mantra that is repeated by the left that he is sexist. Ask people what he has done or said that makes them think he’s sexist.”

In Thacker’s experience, people don’t usually have an answer to that question.

“I always ask people who say that to give me an example of something he’s said or behaviors he’s exhibited that make him sexist. And most of the time they go ‘uh, well, uh, I don’t know,’” Thacker said. “Every year, every presidential election they bring out that Republicans are racist and sexist.”

Her support for Donald Trump stems from his business background, his plans for military expansion and his treatment of minority groups, including women, as “people, not votes.”

“What Donald Trump is going to do to support women in this country is what Donald Trump has done in his business career,” Thacker said. “Take a look at the number of women who are executives and who are vice presidents in his organization. He promotes women, he pays them well and he’s not going to have any different philosophies about women in this country than he does in his business.”

OUCR officially endorsed Trump for president last week and are now working on designing apparel. The budget is impressive — $4,015 — and the chapter recently rolled out a new app that lets members view its constitution, minutes, topics for discussion and leadership contact information.

OUCR meets every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Copeland 104.

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