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Opinion: Answer voter suppression with Gary Johnson

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We live in a time of deep voter suppression. The fact that we have two leading candidates in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump adds to the madness. So what if I told you there truly was another option? Well, there is: Gary Johnson.

I personally have never viewed myself as a libertarian. However, maybe I should test the waters. The Democratic Party has always been the party of the people. That has quickly changed. We are seeing a shift in the Democratic Party and possibly democracy as a whole. Bernie Sanders has been dominating the election as of late winning many recent elections, while trailing in the primary election as a whole because of superdelegates. It will be very difficult for Sanders to come back. With this occurring, the Democrats are playing at the heartstrings of many members of the party.

The Democratic Party is creating deep voter suppression. People do not want politicians picking candidates like a pickup basketball game; individuals want their voices heard. This election is creating a division while the morals of leaders are quickly disbarred.

Republicans have a frontrunner in Donald Trump, but he seems to fail at even getting his own children to register to vote for him. He created a strong storm of hatred in so many people, and the GOP just lets him bark.

So at this point of the election, people who love politics are in a dilemma. Political junkies love to vote. But that vote does not seem to matter anymore.

Many people would tell voters to just “vote for the lesser of two evils.” In the election we are currently in, that is impossible. Clinton has been known to have a record of lying. According to Politifact, Clinton is not a very trustworthy and honest individual. Clinton can lie casually without even realizing it.

After the National Championship victory for Villanova in NCAA men’s basketball recently, Clinton stated, “I love those come-from-behind victories.” Clinton was obviously not watching the game because it was tied down the stretch and the contest was close.

Americans do not have to settle for one liar or the other liar. Many people over time have viewed third parties as a waste of a vote. However, with caucuses and an Electoral College, is it a waste of a vote?

In an election with obvious divide and annoyment for the system, people could make a statement of their own. If people vote for Gary Johnson, this country could make a statement. Spoiler: Johnson will not win the election. But, if enough people vote for Johnson, people could send a message to both major parties. He is arguably one of the most popular third party candidates in recent history. When citizens have to choose between Trump and Clinton the answer is simple: neither.

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  1. Brian

    April 20, 2016 at 9:49 PM

    The one part where you’re wrong is that he can’t win. If people lose that mentality then he will since he appeals to voters in both major parties and most independents. If everyone realizes that the vote does matter, suddenly Clinton and trump are on the fence. If enough do vote for him this election cycle not only will it cause a shift in the major parties towards what we really want it will show us, the voters that if we vote for the third he could very well win it.

    To eliminate the monopoly in politics I think we need to allow a 2nd and 3rd choice on the vote. That way if your number one doesn’t win your vote will still count towards the lesser of the evils. And so the real winner will emerge instead of the lesser of two evils.


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