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Editorial: Student Senate Voters’ Guide 2016

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President: Jordan Kelley

Vice President: Alexis Apparicio

Treasurer: Kiera Fletcher

Twitter: https://twitter.com/impact4ou

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Impact4OU/

Even if Impact is just over half the size of UNITE with 19 candidates, they can still boast how its executives have the Senate experience needed to lead a group of people who are getting into student politics for the first time. The ticket’s relative outsider status allows them to take bolder stances and promise more ambitious policies that may not come from an insider ticket, but it is up to student voters on whether these policies can be realistically implemented.

Impact appears to be the ticket for those who are most concerned with college affordability. Its platform plans to bring small changes by pushing for an on-campus food pantry and increasing the maximum number of hours a student worker can work. What might be called “Band-Aid reforms” in any other election are now considered progressive.

Impact is also making greater strides toward incorporating minority students and organizations into Senate. Although its platform has blanket statements on diversity and preventing sexual assault such as “We will ensure that there is a plan to ensure the adequate staffing and funding of the Survivor Advocacy Program,” some policies, like implementing a conference of minority student leaders and increasing the number of blue light emergency phones on campus (which could lead to a separate discussion on preventive versus defensive action against campus sexual assault) stand out.

While the ticket is pushing for a lot, some of the more ambitious policies on the platform lead to a debate on whether Impact can follow through with what it’s promising students. Plans like implementing Bobcat Cash compatibility for uptown businesses and putting course syllabi online are not only far-fetched; they’ve been promised by past Senate tickets and failed. Voters will need to look at what Impact is promising them and see whether it can be the ticket to pass them, especially when they would have to propose these ideas against a simple majority (at the very least) of Senate members who ran against them.

If elected, Impact will have a lot to work on next year. But if it can accomplish even half of what it’s saying, it may pay off for Ohio University students now and in the future.

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  1. […] One major difference between the two tickets, however, is the majority of Impact’s ticket has never served on Student Senate […]


  2. Yesmar Firozen

    March 29, 2016 at 9:35 PM

    Something this article doesn’t cover is why anyone should care about student government. Neither description seems like it would have an effect on me.


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