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OUPD Police Report: Crime alert issued for sexual assault Thursday

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The Ohio University Police Department handled cases like gross sexual imposition, damage to a state vehicle and a woman who injured herself in Gordy Hall this week.

Police issued a campus-wide email Thursday to warn students of a potential assailant in the area. The assault that occurred Feb. 14 at 6:57 p.m. involved a female who was walking along Oxbow Trail under Richland Avenue when she encountered a male. The male, whom the email described as college-aged with brown eyes wearing a toboggan cap and a hooded sweatshirt, approached her and began to sexually harass her verbally.

As the victim walked away, the brown-eyed man grabbed her thigh. She was able to fight him off alone and was able to walk away without any physical damage. The suspect vacated the scene.

As the case is still under investigation, anyone who may have a lead in this case is urged to contact OUPD at 740-593-1911. Anonymous tips are encouraged at the Crime Solvers tip-line at 740-594-3331

On Feb. 11, Keith Leffler, director of budget and operations at Ohio University, reported damage to a state vehicle. The destruction of property is estimated to cost approximately $600. There are no leads to who or what caused the damage.

Cars weren’t the only thing experiencing damage this week.

On Feb. 12, an unnamed woman reported that she was injured in an incident in Gordy Hall. What caused said injury as well as what the injury was went unreported. This case has been classified as closed.

Other damage occurred that day to equipment in the Radio and Television Building. After investigation, police determined that the damages cost around $1,500 and that said damages were unintentional. They decided to close the case.

An officer responded to an intoxication complaint in Bromley Hall on Saturday. Upon arrival, he noticed what he described as “a small pool of vomit” outside of the room in question. Two males exited the room and the officer was able to identify one as a 20-year-old male who was nearly sober when he confronted him.

When the man handed the officer his wallet, the officer found a driver’s license belonging to another male. The license was confiscated and marked for destruction. The male was issued a warning for disorderly conduct and for using another person’s driver’s license. The case is closed.

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