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Opinion: JebBush.com redirect is brilliant

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Donald Trump may be an insane businessman and wanna-be politician, but he knows how to grab headlines. For example, when Internet surfers scan the web looking for JebBush.com they are redirected to DonaldJTrump.com. Coincidence? I would say Trump has bit of a motive here. The website went viral this week, after a bogus Facebook post depicting Trump’s twitter account,it  went viral.

No record states that either Trump or his campaign own the site. Additionally, there is no record of Jeb Bush ever purchasing the said site. However, connecting the dots here is easy. The feud building up between Bush and Trump also makes it easy to jump to conclusions. Trump is going to market this discovery in any way to benefit his campaign. He would be dumb not to do so.

I honestly would not blame him. Before writing this, I would have assumed that Bush’s website for his campaign was JebBush.com. His true campaign site is Jeb2016.com. It would honestly be brilliant if Trump had a hand in redirecting the website. Although proof of ownership is nonexistent, Americans should not be surprised if the story unfolds to be Trump’s doing.  

This is not the first occasion Bush’s name has been associated with an unfavorable site. JebBushforpresident.net redirects to a site that shows Bush in a negative light. JebBushforpresident.com takes individuals to a blog of a gay couple.

People should not take this entire situation the wrong way, especially since it’s extremely funny. Some people think politics is a very uptight field. Individuals often take jabs over boring policy that most people do not care about. The entire political scene this season is a reality television show, and this situation seems to be an episode of “Punk’d.” Trump has to love the free publicity for his campaign. He loves to refer to the “ratings.”

Trump may not be the ringleader of JebBush.com, although maybe he is secretly. But either way, he would be dumb to not take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s just say it is HUUUGE.

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