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AVW Newstime Comedy: Uninformed students think we should stop talking about inequality

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“I don’t understand. It’ll just go away on its own,” freshman Laura Michaels said last Friday on the topic of gender inequality. “Honestly, why are we putting more women in films? That just further points out how underrepresented women are.”

Laura is one of the many students here on campus who feels that people nowadays are making much too big a deal out of things that would better go ignored. Just like that rash on your back that’s been slowly getting bigger and scarier looking over the past few weeks, social inequality is something that’ll probably just take care of itself.

“I mean, boys never treated me differently because I was a girl. I think all those ‘feminists’ out there really need to just relax,” Laura commented.

When asked about the wage gap that still exists between men and women, Laura articulated, “What?”

Gender inequality is not the only thing that we can just go ahead and forget about.  Racism is another social justice issue that we can throw in our laundry basket full of dirty clothes that we know we really should’ve taken care of a long time ago.

“I really don’t get it. I’ve never personally been affected by racism. It doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a problem,” Caucasian sophomore Kevin Beyer said. “And people keep complaining about how white the Oscars are this year. Um, are they forgetting about that award ‘12 Years a Slave’ got that one time? Everybody needs to settle down and start ignoring all the racist things white people are still doing. Jeez.”

When Kevin’s friend pointed out to him that he once ignored the carton of milk sitting in his refrigerator for three months and it got so moldy that his entire residence hall smelled like dead animals, Kevin quipped, “But that’s totally not the same thing.”

Kevin and Laura are just some of the many students on campus who believe that problems are solved best by not talking about them, and they may be right. After all, those women suffrage and basic civil rights movements so many people risked their lives and liberty for probably weren’t necessary in the first place.

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