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Opinion: Four easy conclusions post-Iowa

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Many conclusions can be drawn following the Iowa Caucus. People were shocked, and many predictions turned out to be silly. However, outcomes are certain here are four easy conclusions to make following the festivities.

1. Bernie Sanders is for real.

Yes, Sanders lost. But folks, he lost on a coin flip. We do not need to go over how unlucky this truly was for Sanders. However, we do need to embrace the haters by acknowledging this was no upset to individuals who do not “feel the Bern.” Sanders was expected to get trampled. According to FiveThirtyEight and its “Polls-plus forecast,” there was a 67 percent chance of Hillary Clinton winning Iowa. Nobody could have predicted this outcome, and it just shows how Sanders has been picking up in the grand scheme of the Democratic race for the White House. 

Sanders has all of the tools he needs to win the nomination. He simply needs the people who value his agenda more than anyone else: young people. Bernie Sanders is for real, friends.

2. Trump is no longer the frontrunner.

Following Ted Cruz’s victory in Iowa, it is hard to call radical Don the frontrunner. Donald Trump has been making so many crazy, out-of-control statements thus far in his presidential bid. He has led so many polls and has been deemed by many as the frontrunner. Except he committed political suicide when he did not show up to the most recent Republican debate. 

Trump did not get his last-second voice, and that cost him big-time in Iowa. It is hard to call a gentleman who is already in the loss column a frontrunner. He is simply what he has always been, and that, my friends, is a distraction. He has distracted many from the real issues.

3. Ted Cruz? Yeah Ted, the politician.

Not a single person in the U.S woke up with a bigger smile yesterday than Rafael Edward Cruz (shh, nobody tell Trump his name is Rafael). Anyway, Cruz has to be the frontrunner now following taking first in Iowa. Republicans love a winner. That is why they go through so many individuals to hunt for their guy or gal. Ted is one-up in a field of players who are surely starting to fall. Republicans know they have to act quickly and put all their money where the one mouth they want to speak is located.

 Cruz is riding high on his elephant. He has something every Republican likes to root for: a lead.

4. Martin O’Malley should have ended his campaign sooner.

It’s a sad day to be an O’Malley supporter. Yes, there are some of them out there. O’Malley should have nipped his campaign months ago. Sure, the poor guy did not get much time to speak in debates, hence his downfall. O’Malley should have made a point to end what he started sooner rather than later.

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  1. Grace Berlo

    February 6, 2016 at 10:52 AM

    I’m appreciating these many thinking people in this mixed up world we live in! Thank you


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