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Opinion: Feel the Bern

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After the recent Democratic forum, it is easy to say we are almost there. Nomination time!

Many are afraid Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s identification as a democratic socialist makes him too radical to be the democratic nominee. Honestly, looking at the political system we have in place, it is easy to say that we have been dealing with a radical system for some time. Big money interests have poured money into campaigning for candidates for years, which in itself is radical in regards to disrupting the democratic process.

Sanders, however, has a purely grassroots campaign.

The senators recent success in the polls, it is truly staggering. A man with integrity who is also free from outside interests is beginning to flourish. You can call it what you will, but it is remarkable to say the least.

There are many reasons you should support the movement and place your vote for Bernie Sanders. The first is something that America is all too familiar with: a broken criminal justice system. Many politicians will never touch this issue, but it is a serious problem. By now, you have listened to the words of Sanders when he states, “We have more Americans in jail and prison than any other country.” The solution to having so many people in jail and prison is to invest in education. Sanders will do just that, and realistically, that probably will not be by making college free to all at the public level. However, there are many ways to make less costly higher education happen for first-generation college students, like providing more financial aid, grants and loans. Personally, I feel Bernie can make this happen.

It is very sad to see that America is failing in so many aspects of education compared to other countries. Why wouldn’t we want to make a push for more people to go to college? The more people with a college education, the better.

Bernie pushing to get that done is vital. Education should be one of, if not the biggest, priority in this country. It is ironic to me that politicians always talk about the future without prioritizing education.

In regards to the economy, it is very hard to fix when there is too much greed. The wealth inequality in this country is appalling. This is not the “Wolf of Wall Street” movie. Oh wait, it is.

That has to be fixed with taxation, and Bernie is willing to do that. That may sound scary to some, but it should only be frightening if you are a billionaire. Bernie flat out said he will be raising taxes. Of course, this will turn into a skewed attempt at an attack advertisement, but to me that sounds like an honest politician. Cue Santa in that M&Ms commercial, “they do exist?!” I would rather someone be up front than sugar coat things and lie like George H. W. Bush, who said in 1988, “read my lips: no new taxes.” That turned out to be a lie.

Anywho, Bernie Sanders needs to be the next President of the United States. Nobody wants to settle for Hillary Clinton. Maybe Sanders will take on the Republican nominee Donald Trump… just kidding.

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