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AVW Newstime Comedy: Student’s new planner to revolutionize education

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Athens – As the new semester began, students returned to Ohio University ready to start their new classes and continue the same habits of disorganization and chaos consistent with college students everywhere. However, freshman engineering major Eric Hughes had a different plan.

Hughes, after receiving a $25 Wal-Mart gift card from his aunt, purchased a brand new 2016-2017 planner that he claimed would put him ahead of the curve this semester.

“It’s going to be great,” Hughes said. “I’m going to write down all of my assignments for all of my classes, and each class is in a different color. I’m going to be so organized.”

Hughes reported that it took him 20 minutes of shopping before he was able to find the perfect planner for him.

“There were so many different kinds,” he said. “At-A-Glance, Portfolio, so many planners that were all specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of students.”

Hughes said that after much deliberation, he decided on the Five Star brand planner; however, he questions whether he made the correct decision.

“It all came down to either the Five Star or the leather bound planners. I chose the Five Star because I know it’s a good brand and I wanted nothing but the best. I paid a little extra, but I’m pretty sure I made the right choice. Right?”

The planner, complete with address book and measurement tables, is the centerpiece of Hughes’ new plan for optimal organization.

Hughes’ roommate, sophomore media major Kevin Sanders, commented on the organizational revelation described by his roommate.

“Eric is really getting his life together, and I couldn’t be happier for him,” Sanders said. “Though personally, I would’ve preferred he buy something that could help him remember to use his own toothbrush.”

Staying organized is just one of Eric Hughes’ plans for the semester, which include going to Ping every night, eating healthier and maintaining a budget for his finances.

“Well, I forgot the planner in my dorm this morning, but I’m definitely going to start filling it out tonight,” Hughes said when asked how successful his new plan of organization had been so far.

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